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The Misery Machine

You may have seen snapshots of this bike being used by die hard CrossFit athletes on social media. It’s called a Fan Bike. Known by the names of “Misery Machine” and “Satans Tricycle”.

With names like that should I dare to recommend this? Absolutely. This bike rocks!

Now, if you ever used it you’ll know the names are fitting!

How it works:

It is driven by  a fan

As you pedal the fans spins

Air is your resistance

Pedal Faster and you get more resistance

Pedal Slower and you get less resistance

Simple old fashion hard work! Make no mistake, it’s a tough workout. It is an intense low impact (easier on the joints) workout that pushes you to work both your arms and legs at the same time, therefore,  increasing your heart rate and forcing the heart to pump blood to arms and legs. Resulting in some serious calorie burn!

It is like no other bike and it is great for HIIT ( High-Intensity Interval Training). Check out the video below for an example.


Get yourself a timer and a pulse monitor (to make sure you monitor your pulse rate and stay safe).

Start slow and gradually increase your speed. Feel it out first and be mindful how you feel as you increase the speed and monitor your heart rate. This workout is intense!

With any exercise consult with your doctor before you attempt if you have a preexisting cardiac condition.

Check this video out for an example of an HIIT workout:




Kawamoto, J. (2015). 4 Brutal Fan Bike Workouts. Retrieved from

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