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Go Squats!

There are so many benefits to doing squats. It improves the ability to do everyday tasks like bending down or picking something up.

You don’t need any equipment or weights, you can use your own body weight to get the most out of the exercise.  It does not put a strain on you back and it’s fairly easy to do!


Improves circulation (if you do them regularly, it can combat cellulite).

Tones (legs, thighs, and butt).

Improves posture

It works your core (it burns that fat around the midsection!)

Lose fat in those unwanted places

How to squat with a bar:


How to squat- body weight:


It’s important to work on form first then increase repetitions and how low you go. But once you are there, remember to get as low as you can = “Ass to grass!”  And you will feel and see amazing results!



Get low and squat!

Examples on how to squat:


Quick little video on the benefits:




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