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Kettlebell- No More Crunches

Kettlebells exercises are effective as they work your core and burns fat!

I personally find crunches boring  and I  feel a lot of stress on my back when I do them. I began doing kettlebell exercises last year and I absolutely love them kettlebell exercises!

Muscles Targeted

Several muscles are involved during kettlebell exercises. You are working your shoulders, arm, and back. And  in order to keep balance while doing the exercises,  the core muscles become engaged. 

You heart rate increases, so it is a great cardio workout as well!

So if you want to tone your core and work your entire body then Kettlebells are the way!

There are so many great kettlebell workouts online. I invite you to search for yourself and get motivated to try them.

Pick up a kettlebell and get moving!

To get you started,  here’s a quick video that will get the heart pumping and introduce you to proper form.




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