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10 Reasons Woman over 40 Should Lift

Women over 40 experience:

hormonal changes, inability to lose weight as fast as they used to, decreased bone density, joint, and muscle aches.

 Strength training helps with:

Menopause. It is recommended because it can have positive results and can help minimize symptoms of menopause.

Joint Health. It strengthens connective tissue and enhances cartilage integrity, joint lubrication, and increases the range of motion making it easier to perform everyday tasks.


The common misconception of strength training is that it will bulk you up like a professional body builder. I’m here to tell you it will not!  In order to bulk up like the pros, you would need to do some  aggressive training almost daily, lift heavy, and increase consumption of whey protein among other foods and supplements to get that kind of body mass. A regular strength training routine with low weights will  increase your endurance, burn fat, and tone those muscles!

So don’t be afraid and pick up some dumbells and move your body!

Slowly increasing the weight and  number of repetitions over time will help with maintaining muscle mass, endurance, and increase strength.



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