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Step Aerobics: A Great Cardio

Doing step aerobics  is a great way to get your cardio in for your morning routine. No need to go to the gym, you can  do it from the comfort of your home. Step aerobics is said to have the same results as if you ran seven miles!

The benefits of step aerobics:

Lose fat

Since it gets your heart pumping it burns some crazy calories!

Help with muscle endurance

It improves coordination and agility.

Helps with Cardio health

A study with 45 participants who performed step aerobics showed lowered cholesterols and elevated good HDL.

Tone muscle

The primary target muscles are your quads, glutes, soleus, adductor magnus and gastrocnemius . Secondary muscles worked are back, core, and thighs.

Enhances your mood

The high energy exercise triggers endorphins to be released and it makes us feel good.  Endorphins are hormones secreted by the brain and the nervous system and it causes an anaesthetic effect.  Mental health is essential for overall health and well-being and exercise has been linked to increasing energy, stabilising mood and helping individuals maintain a positive outlook.

Research shows that people who engage in high-intensity exercise are less tense, depressed, fatigue, and angry.

“The harder you work the better you will fell afterwards”   A good way to increase the intensity is to increase the height of the step.

Don’t forget to warm up and cool down!!!

Who doesn’t want to feel great! So take out your aerobic step and  get up and move!

Check out this short but high-intensity stepper video to get that heart pumping!


Sharma, A., Madaan, V., & Petty, F. D. (2006). Exercise for Mental Health. Primary

             Care Companion to The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry8(2), 106.


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