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Morning Cardio

Making time to exercise can be very hard. And if you are like me, pressing the snooze button every 5 minutes to delay getting up, exercising is probably not on your priority list of things to do as you are trying to rush out of bed. But what if I told you that exercise in the morning will free up time for you for the remaining of the day and will reenergize you for the activities you want to tackle.

Exercising in the morning has been scientifically proven to increase productivity, boost your metabolism, increase your energy levels, improve you’re asleep and  burns more fat.

By including exercise workout  in the morning  you have a higher chance of sticking to it and it developing into a daily habit.

Studies show that exercising before eating helps build lean muscle, burn fat, and improve your endurance. Who doesn’t want that?

5 points to keep in mind

  1. Make physical activity part of your lifestyle.
  2. When choosing an exercise routine try to pick something that you enjoy doing so it doesn’t become a struggle to get it done.
  3. Set small fitness goals and celebrate them.
  4. Increase intensity and duration as time goes by, you will see greater health benefits.
  5.  Make it a goal to do it no matter what and get up and move every morning.






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