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Why Strength Training

Strength training is good for the bones and can help increase your metabolism not to mention tone you up!

Check these other benefits out!


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The common misconception of strength training is that it will bulk you up like a professional body builder. I’m here to tell you it will not.  In order to bulk up like the pros, you would need to do some  aggressive training almost daily, lift heavy, and increase consumption of whey protein among other foods and supplements to get that kind of body mass. A regular strength training routine with low weights will  increase your endurance, burn fat, and tone those muscles!

Strength Exercises

You can use weights, machines, or body weight exercises. The best exercises are compound exercises (exercises that involve more than one muscle group).

For dumbbells, you can get some 5lbs. If you are uncertain as to what exercises to do, search the web, YouTube, or even Facebook. There are tons of YouTube videos out there that can get you started from the comfort of your home.

Body weight exercises are squats and  push ups.

Compound exercises are the best exercises, such as deadlifts (which I love!), squats without bar  (Squats rule!), hanging cleans, dumbbell lunges, and dumbbell shoulder press.

Here is a great video on how to perform a hang power clean (do not let the Olympic bar intimidate you :))

You can start off with a lighter and smaller bar with no plates! Everyone’s gotta start somewhere…. Focus on your form, not the weight.





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