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Exercise: Younger-looking Skin

As we enter into the 40’s we begin to develop a thickening of our stratum corneum. That is the part of the skin that is visible to us.  It starts showing signs of aging and it becomes dry, flaky and dense.  In a study conducted on two groups, participants were put through an endurance and cardio program twice a week for 30 minutes.  Samples was biopsied from each participant, and it concluded that after 40, individuals who exercise had a thinner healthier stratum corneum and skin appeared younger.  According to Guthrie (2010), working up a sweat is very beneficial and is said to be similar effect on the skin as a facial. As the pores dilate sweat helps expel trapped dirt and oil from the skin.

    Exercise types for recommended for better-looking skin. The exercises used in past studies are endurance training such as jogging or cycling.

Jogging and Cycling
Jogging and Cycling Image source



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