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Menopause and Exercise

After 40, women start experiencing hormonal changes that also contribute to less muscle mass, decreased bone density, menstrual changes, mood and energy fluctuations along with sleep changes, hot flashes, changes in libido,  and vaginal dryness, “no wonder it’s called “Menopause Madness”!

The process of changing hormone levels can last about 10 years (Eschbach, 2012).  Some of the other symptoms of menopause are depression, heavy bleeding, osteoporosis, anxiety, hair loss, and cardiovascular disease (Eschbach, 2012).

Based on research the recommended exercises for Hot Flashes and Menopause are:

  1. Hot Flashes-Yoga exercises. As it focuses on relaxation and breathing (Eschbach, 2012).
  2.  Menopause- Cardio and strength training are recommended because they can have positive results and can help minimize symptoms of menopause (Eschbach, 2012).



Eschbach, C. (2012). Exercise recommendation for menopause-aged women.

American College of Sports Medicine. Retrieved from




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